Posted by: Abby Caplin, MD | October 8, 2009

Novel Ideas

OK, so here’s the deal. Get yourself a “trashy” novel. What is a trashy novel?

Well, you get to decide this one. But in my book, it must be something easy to read, fun and hard to put down. If it’s hard to put down, the chances are you’ll be wanting to lie down to read it, which is exactly the point. You’ll spend hours wrapped up in a good story while your body is simply resting. Your mind won’t be thinking about suffering, discouragement or engaging in self-blame.

So find an author you like and enjoy yourself. Have fun! I give you permission.



  1. I just read Expecting Adam by Martha Beck, and while it was far from trashy, I did exactly that! I couldn’t put it down and read my way all the way through. It was such a lovely rest. Great wisdom. Reading has always been a solace for me… Thanks for the reminder, Abby!

  2. Thanks for sharing that, Lissa! I’ll put it on my list 🙂


  3. I’m so happy to be a part of this blog. I’m looking for new creative, resourceful ways to deal with day-to-day living with illness and pain that knocks me out of “normal life”. I’ve figured out a whole lot already that I’d love to share; and am very interested in connecting with people who also have a proactive, “make the best of it” focus.
    I try to focus on enjoying the heck out of what I can still do.. like reading or listening to books on tape.
    Lissa, I read Expecting Adam and it really touched me too. I was astonished to see someone write so eloquently about hyperemesis, as I had that too. I still wonder if it was connected to my autoimmune disease. But mainly I appreciate the depth, honesty and transformation in the book. I like Martha Becks other work also.
    So hear are my great, amazing fun book selections: Maisie Dobbs by Jaqueline Winspear. Once you read this first book, you will be hooked. It is the first of a series, historical fiction set before, during and after WWI with medical, spiritual and psychological depth.
    My other amazing find is Folly, by Laurie King. It is billed as a mystery, but mainly it is a great novel. I never read mysteries prior to this book.

    My other tactic, is when I’m really sick and can’t concentrate well, is to read good children’s lit. aimed at young adults or older kids. Very soothing, often funny and creative. I have a whole list of those if anyone is interested.

    • Thank you for the wonderful suggestions, Sarah! The books sound great. Your idea of reading good children’s literature is inspirational!
      Yes, list away….
      Many thanks,

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